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Eating Heart Healthy at Ninja Restaurant

On our Nov. 1st show, we focused on heart health in recognition of the American Heart Association's (AHA) New Orleans Heart Walk on Nov. 11. The AHA recommends eating fish, at least twice a week, to benefit from the heart healthy fats it provides, so that’s why we didn’t skip a beat when inviting the General Manager and Chef of Ninja Restaurant, Ricky Toy and Eat Fit NOLA Ambassador, Emily Eickhoff (pictured) to demonstrate some of the popular New Orleans sushi and Japanese restaurant's favorites.

Below is a recipe for one of several nutritious and delicious EatFitNola dishes that appears on Ninja's menu. We hope you enjoy it!

Chicken Lettuce Wrap

by Chef Ricky Toy


4 oz chicken breast

1 oz waterchestnuts

1 oz mushrooms

1/4 oz teaspoon garlic

Bean sprouts or matchstick radishes or carrots intead of rice noodles

4 lettuce leaves

1 oz lettuce wrap sauce

Sauce ingredients:

Mushroom soy, oyster sauce, rice wine, sugar & white pepper.


In a saute pan or wok over high heat add about an ounce of vegetable oil, add chicken & cook until about 80% done. Remove from pan. Set aside. Add garlic, saute for about 5 seconds then add shitake mushrooms & water chestnuts. Toss & stir to heat through. Add cooked chicken, toss then add sauce to pan. Stir & toss to glaze all ingredients. Place on plate. Serve with iceberg, green leaf or bib lettuce. Enjoy!

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