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Cru-sing for a Refreshing Summer Meal?

We recently had the good fortune to be joined in the studio by Chef Marlon Alexander of Cru, a specialty seafood and cocktail bar located in the new Pythian Market in downtown New Orleans.

Chef Marlon prepared a variety of dishes from their new EatFitNOLA menu, including a delightful Lobster Ceviche (see recipe below), a delicious Tuna Tartare and a tasty Smoked Trout Dip. Along with our Host, Leslie Snadowsky, EatFitNOLA Ambassador, Emily Eickhoff, was also on hand to discuss the nutritional value of the items, while Chef Marlon worked his magic.

Feel free to try the Lobster Ceviche at home, but better yet, visit Cru and make sure you say "hi" to Chef Marlon, Aaron and the entire crew at Cru!

Cru's Lobster Ceviche


1 1/2 lb lobster tail meat (small dice)

1 cup lime juice

½ avocado (for the avocado mousse)

1 small shallot (small dice)

1/4 cup cantaloupe (puree) 1 bunch cilantro (fine chopped) 1 tsp agave (optional) Salt, to taste

1) In small bowl mix lobster meat, shallots, cilantro, lime juice, and salt/pepper to taste.

2) Puree half of a cantaloupe with agave, pinch of salt/pepper, and a touch of lime juice.

3) In a separate bowl, mash avocado with lime juice, cilantro, and a pinch of salt and pepper.

4) In a ring mold- layer, avocado mousse, top with lobster mix.

5) Add melon puree to plate before removing mold.

6) Remove mold and enjoy!

Click here to see Chef Marlon prepare this dish.


Cru | Raw & Bubble Bar

234 Loyola Avenue New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

(504) 266-2856

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